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About Us

Our Mission Statement

To manufacture high quality commercial products and superior performing powerboats that will leave our customers with a feeling of pride, confidence, safety
and satisfaction.



CSB Huntsman boats have earned a superior reputation for their excellent rough water handling abilities; dry, smooth, quiet ride, and ability to get on the plane smoothly and effortlessly, resulting in less horsepower required for comparable performance to other designs. CSB Huntsman Boats NZ Limited lead the industry in design with their attractive flowing lines, up-to-date modern appearance and innovative unique features. The fine attention to detail makes them a market leader in presentation and results in a notably superior finish.


Canterbury Superior Boats (CSB) was formed in 1992 by Geoff Robinson, initially operating part-time producing Stingray ski boats and offering a unique fibreglass repair service specialising in gelcoat repairs. In late 1992 design work began on the first of the Huntsman designs and in August 1993 the Huntsman 525 Executive cuddy cabin hit the water. The expectations of the performance of this hull were well exceeded, and the result was a customer demand that couldn't be met with a part- time company.


In 1994 CSB commenced fulltime production and started to set up their currently very successful and very loyal retail chain. The goal was to select a unique group of retailers committed to customer satisfaction, who believed in the product they were selling. The success of CSB today is attributed to their commitment and vision.


Development work began for future designs, and CSB have since introduced the 525 Sport, the La Plata, 1st and 2nd generations of the Series 6000, three generations of the Dorado, the Huntsman Crusader and The Explorer hard top, the very popular Sotalia, the diesel and petrol sterndrive SD7s, and the latest is the Xcalibur crossover wakeboat / serious white water fishing boat / general family cruiser, with more designs currently on the R and D list and slowly progressing. In 1998 the company name was changed to CSB Huntsman Boats NZ Limited. Today CSB is regarded as a leading manufacturer of high quality family powerboats and plays an integral part in the New Zealand marine industry.


CSB Commercial was created in 2012 and now produces a wide range of commercial fibreglass, including, onsite manufacturing of swimming pool liners for new and existing pools, automotive parts, architectural designed parts for the building industry and signage industry, equestrian and farming products, insurance and private specialised GRP repairs etcetera. We are continually expanding a professional and reliable commercial fibreglass division for existing and new clients and can handle any request.